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Non Smoke Amp Perfumed Mosquito Coils Natural Safe Efficient For Baby Amp Kids

Product Details


Insecticide License No.WP20130155
Productive Certificate No.HNP32248-1 2622

Executive Standard
Q/320125 OG 20(This is the front)

The use of fluorinaied new pyrethroids with advanced technology from preparation.
Potent insect repelient, mosquito control can provide all night protection
1.Push the center of the coil gently to spilt a dual coil away to 2 single coils.
2.Incline the coil to the position that the coil is easy to light then light the coil.
3.Light the coil and put on the stand.
4.Broken part of coil can be put info the side gap of stand

Read the label carefully,and use according to instruction properly.
Keep away from tinder,and do not use tinder as a ash tray.
Keep the door or windows opening once the coil lighted.
Harmful to fish and silkworm,keep away from silkworm room.
Keep away from children,do not eat.
Do not throw coils into the fish pool.
Wash hand after touch,See the doctor once feel unwell any time.

Move to outside if feel unwell once getting the smell in use.
To the hospital at once if eat the coil.

Stock in the dryness and ventilated place.Do not put in the place more than 50℃ or in humidity.
Do not put together with food,drink,seed,foodstuff,flammablity and explosive staffs,etc.
Keep away from children.Keep away from fire.
Avoid sun radiation directly and raining,take care to pick up and down.

If the coil is lighted on sawtooth or iron wire plate,pleace clear up ash in the plate and sediment on the sawtooh and ironwive ventilated properly,otherwise the coil will not work effectively or extinguish.