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Alcohol-Free Sanitizing Wipes CLEACE

Product Details

We have our own factory in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

Supply Ability:    120,000 Ton/Tons per Year
Port:    NanJing

Alcohol-Free Sanitizing Wipes CLEACE
Formula:   Benzalkonium chloride EPA:   Approved                                                     
MOQ:   1 container Delivery Time:   within 7 days
Whether To Accept OEM/ODM:   Yes           Price:   Contact Online

Packaging & Loading

Product Name Size Specification Quantity 20GP/40HQ
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 70pcs 15cm*20cm 70pcs/canister 24canisters/carton 569cartons/1381cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 75pcs 15cm*20cm 75pcs/canister 24canisters/carton 569cartons/1381cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 80pcs 15cm*20cm 80pcs/canister 24canisters/carton 569cartons/1381cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 100pcs 15cm*20cm 100pcs/canister 24canisters/carton 459cartons/1114cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 120pcs 15cm*20cm 120pcs/canister 24canisters/carton 459cartons/1114cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 160pcs 15cm*20cm 160pcs/canister 12canisters/carton 624cartons/1516cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 200pcs 15cm*20cm 200pcs/canister 6canisters/carton 650cartons/1579cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 300pcs 15cm*20cm 300pcs/canister 6canisters/carton 655cartons/1591cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 500pcs 15cm*20cm 500pcs/canister 4canisters/carton 603cartons/1463cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 700pcs 15cm*20cm 700pcs/canister 2canisters/carton 1399cartons/3398cartons
0.13% N-Benzyl-N wet wipes 800pcs 15cm*20cm 800pcs/canister 2canisters/carton 1399cartons/3398cartons

Sanitizing Wipes Production Capacity´╝Ü

Canister: 1 million canisters per day
Bagged: 3 million bags per day


Applicable Scene

Home; School; Office; Public Place; Outing ...



1. Every time you take out the wipes, please seal the package in time. If you use it continuously, please close the package after use.

2. Can not be reused to avoid cross infection.

3. The wipes are disinfected for external use, avoid eating, and need to be kept out of the reach of children.

4. If it comes into contact with eyes, please rinse with water.

5. Avoid long-term storage after opening and use, and use it as soon as possible.


Production Line


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Aogrand's baby wipes use a mild and non-irritating cleaning formula without any toxic and harmful additives, which can be used to clean babies' sensitive skin.


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