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Ultra Dry Baby Diaper MAMALOVES

Product Details

Size:Size1(2-5kg), Size2(3-6kg), Size3(6-10kg), Size4(10-18kg), Size5(15-25kg)
MOQ:1 container
Company Capacity:3 million pads/day
Shipping:accept sea and air freight
Price:contact online
Ultra Dry Baby Diaper MAMALOVES
Diaper Type Disposable
Applicable People Baby
Size/Baby weight Size1(2-5kg), Size2(3-6kg), Size3(6-10kg), Size4(10-18kg), Size5(15-25kg)
Anti-Leak 3D Prevent Channel
MOQ 1 Container
OEM/ODM Available

Product Advantages

1、MAMALOVES diaper use a polymer absorbent layer to instantly absorb urine and keep the baby’s skin dry;

2、Strong absorption, firmly locks the urine, avoiding the risk of leakage;

3、Replacement reminder. When the diaper is wet, it will turn blue to remind parents to change;

4、Highly breathable outer layer. Unique breathable design, not tight and stuffy, keep baby comfortable;

5、3D cutting. According to ergonomic design, protect the healthy growth of baby's legs;

6、Pure cotton, with elastic waist design, for the baby's personal and comfortable protection;

Package Information

Small Package Model Size Bag/Pcs
Size 1 2-5KG 18
Size 2 3-6KG 15
Size 3 6-10KG 12
Size 4 10-18KG 11
Size 5 15-25KG 10
Medium Package Size 2 3-6KG 50
Size 3 6-10KG 44
Size 4 10-18KG 42
Size 5 15-25KG 40
Big Package Size 2 3-6KG 105
Size 3 6-10KG 96
Size 4 10-18KG 87